17 Million $


Flight of Faith

The Lincoln Avenue Haunting

Mr. and Mrs. V

​They married at an age of 78 on a cold winter evening. The moment the honeymoon started is when their new life began. Their appearance looks elderly but don't cause this loving couple to transform. You won't believe your eyes.

She moves into her first apartment. Her son is two years old, she can't tell anyone the secret that haunts her apartment.



​2010, her sentence is death. Abbi's past finally caught up with her. She didn't calculate such a harsh sentence, but then again, she knows so many dirty secrets about the fine people of Washington, DC.

​Being a government experiment is her idea of a sentencing, but at least she isn't dead. She might as well be dead though.

​A life sentence as a ranchers wife in 1930 Oklahoma. What could be worse?

​How will she adapt? How will she deal with her insatiable appetite for sex?

To the Edge of the Kingdom

On a flight, there are so many different people with different religions and beliefs... but only one entity saves them all.

She saved his life, only to place her life in jeopardy. The heat that envelopes their bodies, may be worth dying in love. 

Passenger with the Airbag Off

Guardians of the Temple (Hanby)

He will take her on an adventure into a land of forgotten. Forgotten and buried years ago. Who would've thought these warriors were in her backyard for years.

Cut of an Angel

Following her Dream, wearing Lipstick

She wants to prove to her ex-in-laws she can provide for herself and her son. The old rickety house needs a lot of work, how will she ever accomplish the remodeling tasks.
​He's there! She can hear him. Every night she hears the calming voice echoing from downstairs. The soft words singing.
​Can he be real? He's not real.
​He's the original owner of the house, and he wants the house back to the way it was...

Adelita is the offering. Five years is the sentence that is forced upon her. Unknown to her captors she's not the perfect specimen. She has a flaw, that might cost her life to end sooner than planned.

​Her boyfriend and professor will realize what trek they set her into.

Menagerie of Makeup

​Time Travel Prisoner


"Go to grandpa's for the summer", his mom said. "Have fun," she adds.

Tristan will find his grandfathers secret. A secret that has been hidden for almost fifty years, and now Tristan is wanting to share the secret with his summer love, Lynn and his new friends. Can thirteen year old kids understand the purpose of Kia? 




My collection of short stories from my creative writing group, blogs, open mic night performances, and posts.

Transported into another time,  Constance is trying to adapt to new  laws for this time. She's never been one to follow rules.
​The creatures are protected, people are sacrificed, children are abandoned.
Constance stays with the children trying to make sense of their ordeal. How can she create a normal life in this new time?
​Van Cleeve is the 'executioner' of this region. Will he be forced to remove Constance for breaking the law. Or will he fall in love with Constance's stubbornness and charm.

A set of cozy mysteries bringing you to a world of makeup, mystery and murder.​​

Her heart belongs to one man. That one man has deep secrets that will cause her true form to come to life.

​She waits, and walks along the shores for her past to collide with her present time.


Chain of Events

​Shelley had the posh life. That one night will spiral Shelley into a thirty year turmoil. Only her sister, Camille brings her out of her shell. What happened to Shelley to turn so dark.

One afternoon ride on her horse Cooper, will change Jade's life forever. But, one man will change her destiny, and save her.

The inner demons sweep over Georgia in her dreams. She strays from her husband’s strict instructions. The only comfort she has are her daily entries in her personal journals, but what do these journals truly reveal? Georgia discovers that a young woman is following her everywhere she goes, even half way around the world. When that young woman presents Georgia with a mysterious envelope of life changing information, Georgia is forced to take control of her own destiny.

Anna is on her way to the trip of a lifetime. A cruise along the Amazon River is the reward from her employer to his whole office staff.
​Anna could never imagine the fate that is waiting for her along the Amazon River.
​Captive on a yacht she is tortured beyond one's mental state, but after loosing the one person that she loved, she will become a killer with the help of the jungles small creatures.

The Worst Summer with Grandpa