Happiness is Hard to Find

Twisted History

Tales and Trails

​A Western Odyssey

The old West was wild and fraught with danger. Greenhorn settlers, tinhorn gamblers, ruthless gunslingers, crooked lawmen, and dance hall floozies mixed with robbers, riders, posses, padres, storekeepers, blacksmiths, bankers, robber barons, and ne'er-do-wells. In this book, you'll ride stagecoaches down dusty trails to frontier settlements desperately needing law and order, medicine to ight disease, and common decency. these stories attempt to mix fact and fiction to bring that era to you in the comfort of your air-conditioned home, while waiting for the automatic dryer to finish you laundry, as dinner is in the electric oven, so you can relax in your recliner and enjoy "the good old days".

​​Debbie's Books

This book, Alternate Perspectives, is the result of a writing exercise we completed, looking at the world from a non-human point of view. As you will see, we have writers that offer stories filled with humor, emotion, and depth. When one considers that many of these stories were written in a flash as part of our exercises-by budding authors, explorative authors, and those who were "lapsed writers" due to life's journeys, the results are even more impressive.

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The Passenger with the Airbag Off is a story of a woman living a life of make believe. Georgia Drake records her daily activities in her journals. Each journal entry is a step towards a profound freedom she has never known. Georgia's world has been turned upside down when she stops taking the prescribed medications her husband and doctors insist she take. Will she be able to function as a normal person without the medications? Will she be able to remember why she needs the medication?
Her oil tycoon husband, Douglas jet sets her around the world to exotic and not-so-exotic places. Georgia feels worldly and extravagant at moments in her life because of her husband's eccentric living arrangement for them, but is Douglas concealing the true purpose of their travels?
A mysterious young girl is present at every destination where Georgia and her husband reside. Georgia is torn with her emotions about the young girl. When Georgia witnesses an altercation between her husband and the young girl, her fears increase.

Astrology Books by Andrea Foster

Renee Norman hits the road, on the run from her boyfriend, Ray. When she wakes up for a brutal attack, she has no idea where she is, or who she is.

The people who rescued her call her, Amy.

Amy is the only person able to tame a certain wild horse-another outsider in need of love, and she works hard to earn her keep. Still, Amy is left wondering who she really is and if anyone has noticed her missing.

As Trent's feelings toward her change, she begins to fall for the gruff cowboy, but happiness has a price, especially when Amy's past catches up to her.